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Agrowirt 2003

Agro Wirt 2003 is an Austrian family enterprise, which was founded in 1994, as an agricultural establishment. Since 2003 we are an important factor in trading with agricultural products. Until now we have established five locations in Hungary.Due to in house fabrication of our seeds and controlled contracts of cultivation, the quality inspection of our products is guaranteed until harvest.

The quality of the fabrication succeeds through modern technical equipment. Agro Wirt 2003 disposes of two drying plants, in which 1.000 tons can be processed a day, one cleaning plant and one silo installation, which enables a capacity of 10.000 tons. The enterprise has a total storage capacity of 50.000 tons at its disposal.

The enterprise accomplishes a movement of 100.000 tons agricultural goods and because of our own fleet facilitates we are able to cope with these enormous amounts of products.

The sites in Mosonmagyaróvár and Jánossomorja are accessible by train. Between 800 and 1.000 tons can be loaded a day. 1.500 tons a day can additionally be loaded at the location in Vámossszabadi via ship.

Therefore a delivery in short time is guaranteed.